May the Fourth Duos

Bluebird Lacquer and Supernatural Lacquer are proud to present the May the Fourth Dark Side and Light Side duos. Each duo comes with a full size polish from each maker. These will be available April 27th at 5:00 pm est with a limited amount available immediately then open for pre-sale until May the Fourth. Each duo is $20 plus shipping. Which will you choose?

The Dark Side:
Bluebird's 'Ewok This Way' is a holo filled force choke of purple shimmer, purple flakies and ucc green to purple flakies.

Supernatural's 'Duel on Mustafar' turns to the dark side with ablack base featuring red/gold shimmer, orange/pink/gold flakes and galaxy of red and orange micro sheds... and glitters too.

The Light Side:
Supernatural uses the force with 'Kyber Crystal' to create a delicate balance of light blue holo micro shreds with holo glitters with a pink to copper shimmery shift.

Bluebird does the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs to bring you 'I Coruscant Even' a black jelly with a a bright magenta to purple shimmer, loaded with purple micro glitters and green-purple ucc flakies.

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